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UTP Stage II: Business Management


UTP Stage II: Business Management is equivalent to the first year of Toronto Metropolitan University’s Bachelor of Business Management degree. 

Upon the successful completion of UTP Stage II, you’ll begin the second year of your degree at TMU, where you’ll have access to industry experts, an optional co-op program, case competitions and networking events to strengthen and put your skills to work in professional environments. Study in the heart of Canada’s business district with faculty committed to ground breaking teaching strategies that combine theory and practice.

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Toronto Metropolitan University campus, Toronto

Your Direct Pathway Into Toronto Metropolitan University

High school
Toronto Metropolitan University International College
2nd year Toronto Metropolitan University

Select from seven innovative business majors to pursue the specialization that aligns with your interests:

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Economics and Management Science

In today’s highly technical and computerized world, acquiring timely and accurate business and economic data is essential for successful management decision-making. In this major you will become well-versed in economic analysis and quantitative skills, which are in high-demand in today’s fast-paced global economy.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Major

One of Canada’s leading Entrepreneurship programs with a large dedicated faculty and offering more undergraduate entrepreneurship courses than any other English language university in Canada. Prepare to start your own business, learn how to be entrepreneurial within existing organizations or help start-up ventures succeed.

Global Management Studies Major

All businesses in today’s marketplace, whether they recognize it or not, are affected by events taking place globally. In this major you will acquire the managerial skills and cultural understanding required to function effectively in the new global business environment.

Human Resources Management Major

Learn to manage a diverse workforce, recruit employees strategically, retain good personnel and train and develop your employees while fostering a fair, diverse, and ethical work environment.

Law and Business Major 

The Law and Business major offers you the strongest integration of law and business among all Bachelor of Commerce programs in Canada. Gain a solid understanding of the many key legal issues in the corporate world, including contract negotiations, human resources, policy development and property transactions.

Marketing Management Major

This is an exciting time to work in the field of marketing with all of the innovative new ways to engage with consumers. Learn how to interpret and respond to customer needs better than the competition by analyzing consumer trends, competitive activity and other factors.

Real Estate Management Major

Real estate propels the local and national economy. Learn the skills that will allow you to flourish in the housing and commercial property arenas, such as real estate finance, property development, economics, sustainability and real estate law.

Future Prospects 

Use your extensive management knowledge to create or direct businesses, manage teams, achieve objectives and increase profits. Join a large and growing network of TRSM alumni who are leaders in all sectors of the business world. Or, pursue graduate studies in a range of disciplines such as a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Science in Management (MScM) or through further professional education. 

UTP Stage II: Business Management Program Structure  

During the UTP Stage II: Business Management you will take a range of first year business and elective courses. Below is a sample of what your schedule might include. 

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Upon successful completion of the UTP Stage II: Business Management, including achieving a 2.8 CGPA, you will transfer into the Business Management program at Toronto Metropolitan University with 10.0 credits (one year) toward your degree. Upon progression to Toronto Metropolitan University, you will take courses in Business Information Systems, Management Accounting, Applied Statistics, and second year Business Management courses.

Ted Rogers School Business Management

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