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UTP Stage II: Creative Industries


UTP Stage II: Creative Industries is equivalent to the first year of Toronto Metropolitan University’s Bachelor of Arts in Creative Industries degree.

Upon successful completion of UTP Stage II, you’ll progress to the second year of this degree program at TMU which is housed in The Creative School.

The Creative School offers the unique Creative Industries program that is strategically designed for those with a creative flair to blossom into leaders and experts of business in the Creative Industries. The program empowers students to explore and understand the Creative Industries as both creative process and commercial activity. Leveraging the tutelage of the Ted Rogers School of Management, Canada’s largest undergraduate business school, students will develop a world-class business acumen, propelling them to the heights of the exciting world of Creative Industries.

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Toronto Metropolitan University campus, Toronto

Your Direct Pathway into Toronto Metropolitan University

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Toronto Metropolitan University International College
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UTP Stage II: Creative Industries Program Structure

The first program of its kind in North America, this interdisciplinary program prepares students for leading roles in communication, design, media, entertainment, arts and culture. We cultivate students’ leadership abilities at the intersection of creativity, business and culture.

Creative Industries (BA)

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Following the completion of the TMUIC Stage II: Creative Industries, students must achieve a CGPA of 2.8 and Grade of C+ or better in all required pathway courses to progress into 2nd year. Students need to meet eligibility by August 30.

Graduates are:

  • Television executives who will develop the next hit show, boosting ratings for the network
  • Music industry executives, who will shape the future of popular culture
  • Fashion marketers, who will create the stories around new labels and lines
  • Media buyers, who will find the best way to share their client’s marketing message
  • Advertising and communications specialists, who will create growth within brands and products
  • Policy makers, who will foster processes and inform decisions that strengthen arts and culture
  • Entrepreneurs, who will turn their spark of an idea into a viable business
  • And leaders in limitless other creative business endeavours


Creative Industries students have access to courses in all of The Creative School’s sister schools:

  • The School of Fashion
  • Graphic Communications Management
  • Radio and Television Arts
  • Image Arts
  • Journalism
  • Professional Communications
  • Theatre and Performance
  • Interior Design

The Creative School

The Creative School is a dynamic faculty making a difference in new, unexplored ways. Made up of Canada’s top professional schools and transdisciplinary hubs in media, communication, design, and the cultural industries, The Creative School offers students an unparalleled learning experience.

The Future of Creativity

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