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UTP Stage II: Science


UTP Stage II: Science is equivalent to the first year of Toronto Metropolitan University’s Bachelor of Science degree. Upon the successful completion of UTP Stage II, you’ll begin the second year of your degree at TMU.

TMU’s Faculty of Science is a powerhouse of leading-edge applied research and education located in the heart of Downtown Toronto. The programs are a careful blend of scientific theory and hands-on practice, each leading to an Honours Bachelor of Science university degree.

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Toronto Metropolitan University campus, Toronto

Your Direct Pathway into Toronto Metropolitan University

High school
Toronto Metropolitan University International College
Toronto Metropolitan University

UTP Stage II: Science Program Structure

Following the completion of UTP Stage II: Science, including maintaining academic good academic standing and achieving any program-specific CGPA, students will progress to their chosen major at Toronto Metropolitan University. Students must achieve a CGPA of 2.0 to progress into TMU’s Faculty of Science.

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Science Major Options at TMU:

Financial Mathematics

This program will prepare you to drive economic progress by leveraging cash flow and creating wealth. You’ll acquire in-depth knowledge of economics, financial instruments and statistical techniques, and establish a foundation in modern mathematics, financial accounting, managerial finance and computer science. Participate in case studies, an optional paid co-op, industry-relevant research projects be prepared to make an immediate impact in the financial sector.

Mathematics and Its Applications

Mathematics is a powerful problem-solving tool and a highly creative field of study that explains diverse phenomena such as the human nervous system, the evolution of life forms and the stock market. You’ll learn to identify patterns using logic, exacting principles and imagination, and will complete a thesis project. An optional paid co-op and optional specializations in Computer Science and Economics will further prepare you with the knowledge and problem-solving expertise needed to offer solutions in a variety of fields.
Discover Mathematics and Its Applications at TMU

Intrigued by the mathematical foundations of complex problems? The Mathematics and Its Applications program at TMU trains you to apply logic and math principles to anything from technology to disease to cryptology. An optional co-op and optional specializations in Computer Science and Economics will further prepare you with the knowledge and problem-solving expertise needed to become a valued and in-demand professional in mathematics.

Opportunities After Graduation:

Financial Mathematics:

  • Private enterprises, government, not-for-profit companies
  • Investment banking, auditing, accounting, financial management
  • Systems analysis, computer programming
  • Financial engineering, risk management, trading system development
Career Paths:
  • Actuary, data analyst, financial analyst, market and competitive intelligence analyst or quantitative analyst
  • Graduate degree (MBA or MSc) in mathematics, business or finance

Mathematics and Its Applications:

  • Finance, economics, business and government
  • Computer security, statistical analysis
  • Market research design and analysis, software development
  • Manufacturing design and testing
Career Paths:
  • Applied mathematician, research mathematician, statistical analyst, commercial intelligence analyst or cryptoanalyst
  • Graduate degree in applied mathematics (MA or MSc) or other related fields
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