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Foundation: UTP Stage I

UTP Stage I at TMUIC is designed to prepare you for entry to university-level programs in Arts, Business Management, and International Economics and Finance. After successfully completing this program (eight courses total) you will progress to UTP Stage II.

UTP Stage 1

Arts (BA)

The Faculty of Arts programs combine a liberal arts education with something unique: Toronto’s brand of relevant, practical learning that’s designed to make you a well-rounded, informed human being who is also highly employable.


Business Management (BComm)

Study in the heart of Canada’s business district with faculty committed to groundbreaking teaching strategies that combine theory and practice. Select from seven innovative business majors to pursue the specialization that aligns with your interests.

Business Management

Creative Industries (BA)

The first program of its kind in North America, this program by the Creative School prepares students for roles in communication, design, media, entertainment, arts and culture. Creative Industries empowers students to understand the creative process and commercial activity.

Creative Industries

International Economics and Finance (BA)

In this program, you’ll explore the interconnectedness of worldwide markets and cultivate the economic skills necessary to make strategic decisions from a global perspective. You’ll graduate ready to provide advice and generate solutions in business, finance and government. 

International Economics and Finance

Hospitality and Tourism Management (BA (Hons))

The Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management develops future managers in the Canadian and International hospitality and tourism industries. This Bachelor of Commerce program contains a blend of applied, professionally-related and liberal studies courses.

Hospitality and Tourism Management

Professional Communication (BA (Hons))

Join the Creative School to understand the relationship between message, audience and context and your role as a communication professional in one of Canada’s top communication programs. Gain expertise in written, visual, digital, interpersonal and oral communication.

Professional Communication
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