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Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Toronto Metropolitan University International College

Statement of Student Rights and Responsibilities

Toronto Metropolitan University International College (TMUIC) is committed to transforming lives through education by creating a safe and inclusive environment that protects and upholds the rights, responsibilities, and holistic well-being of its community. Students can expect to be a part of a diverse, collaborative, international environment. TMUIC’s culture is based on innovation, cooperation, comprehensive student support, and respect. The policies and procedures at TMUIC ensure that all members of the community benefit from a learning environment that is safe as well as free from discrimination and harassment. The College will take reasonable steps to ensure that students are aware of their rights and responsibilities, as follow.

As a student at Toronto Metropolitan University International College, you have the right to:

  • enjoy all rights and freedoms recognized by law including, but not limited to, the Ontario Human Rights Code, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and the Freedom of Information Protection of Privacy Act;
  • pursue your education in an environment that is safe, secure, and conducive to learning. Students have a right to be treated fairly and not to be subjected to harassment, sexual harassment, discrimination indignity, injury, bullying, verbal abuse, or any act of physical violence;
  • The right to engage and participate in dialogue, examine diverse views and ideas. Student have the right to assemble, without disruption, while maintaining an environment characterized by equality and mutual respect, provided they do not interfere with the rights of others, with the effective operation of the College or violate other College policies and procedures;
  • an environment which ensures that administrative decisions are made in observance of due process and procedural fairness, and in regard for the interests of students. This includes, but is not limited to, timely notification of all academic and administrative decisions that affect their studies or College life;
  • an environment where adequate measures are taken to protect the personal property and security of students on the College grounds;
  • the right to seek clarification on all decisions under College policies without fear of reprisal, including but not limited to, appeals of final grade and/or academic standing;
  • reasonable and legitimate access to appropriate services, facilities to support students’ holistic wellbeing as well as credentials, upon payment of any required fees;
  • have academic work judged solely on its merits and the College will not profit from goods produced or services provided towards program completion;
  • confidentiality of your student information and records, subject to limits in accordance with the law and access to transcripts and institutional records for up to 25 years;
  • be educated about this Statement, and the College has a responsibility to provide education to students about the contents of this Statement;
  • receive information at the commencement of each course, including: o the instructor’s name;
    • a course description;
    • a list of course assignments, tests and approximate deadlines; o a marking or evaluation scheme;
    • a statement of the teaching mode(s);
    • a provision that planned alteration in the list of course assignments, tests, approximate deadlines, and in the marking or evaluation schemes shall be presented in class prior to being implemented

As a student at Toronto Metropolitan University International College, you have the responsibility to:

  • act consistently with the values of the College and community and follow federal, provincial and municipal laws as well as College policy;
  • review and sign the TMUIC International Student Contract (the Letter of Offer and Acceptance of Offer form);
  • act in the interest of honesty, integrity, and equality by treating all members of the community, including faculty, staff and fellow students, with respect;
  • become familiar with course outlines, content, evaluation methods, timelines, fee collection and refund policy, and all institutional academic deadlines;
  • consider and respect the perspectives and ideas of others, even when the student does not agree with their perspectives or ideas, provided that the speech or expression does not infringe upon personal rights and freedoms;
  • maintain a safe, respectful, and inclusive community by refraining from behaviour, which you know, or ought reasonably to know:
    • obstructs teaching, learning, evaluation, administration, co-curricular activities or other College endeavors.
    • threatens or endangers the health, safety, well-being, or dignity of yourself or another person.
    • Is unwelcome or persistent (e.g. personal harassment) which would cause another person to feel humiliated, demeaned, or intimidated
  • familiarize yourself with and abide by all TMUIC policies, procedures, rules, or regulations as well as ensuring that your guests are aware of and abide by all conduct expectations set out by the College, including but not limited to the fee collection and refund policy available at;
  • to take necessary steps to resolve academic and personal issues or challenges by communicating with the appropriate TMUIC staff in a timely manner, based on the process identified in the Academic Grievance Policy or the Student Code of Non-Academic Conduct;
  • to evacuate the buildings during fire alarms or other emergencies as instructed by TMUIC staff or Ryerson security;
  • report any wrongdoing or unlawful activities to the College in an honest and truthful manner, not making false, misleading, or inflammatory statements or allegations under institutional policies;
  • abide by posted hours and limits on entry and treat all University facilities and equipment with respect including, but not limited to, fire protection equipment, or security and safety systems. library materials, computing facilities, and emergency telephone systems;
  • obtain, maintain, and responsibly use a Toronto Metropolitan University International College e-mail account. Content that is brought to TMUIC’s attention that describes or documents behaviour that reasonably suggests breach of TMUIC policy is subject to further investigation, including taking disciplinary action;
  • produce your TMUIC identification card, photographic identification, or proof of enrolment, upon all reasonable direction by TMUIC staff or Toronto Metropolitan University security;
  • respect the privacy and confidentiality of personal information of others and treat disciplinary outcomes applied through the Student Code of Non-Academic Conduct.
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