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UTP Stage II: Language and Intercultural Relations


A Bachelor of Arts in Language and Intercultural Relations (LIR) enables students to acquire the skills necessary to navigate culturally diverse working and social environments. Intercultural relations professionals are strategic relationship builders who work with individuals, corporations, government and NGOs to help all parties communicate in a way that bridges cultures and lifts barriers of language. There has never been a more important era for intercultural relations professionals, as globalization and increased migration have brought people from a variety of backgrounds closer together and in more frequent contact.

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Toronto Metropolitan University campus, Toronto

Your direct pathway into Toronto Metropolitan University

High school
Toronto Metropolitan University International College
2nd year Toronto Metropolitan University

Language and Intercultural Relations program structure

During UTP Stage II: Language and Intercultural Relations, you will take a range of first year program and elective courses.

Below is a sample of what your schedule might include.

Reach back courses required to be completed in second year: SSH 205, one Core Elective Table II (French or Spanish) one Table I (Humanities) if the student only takes 1 Humanities course in UTP Stage II.

Upon successful completion of the UTP Stage II: Language and Intercultural Relations, including achieving a 1.67 CGPA, you will transfer into the Language and Intercultural Relations program at Toronto Metropolitan University with 10.0 credits (one year) toward your degree.

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